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An Re-Look into Values that Support Agility and Scaling

As agile is becoming mainstream, the issue of scaling development becomes more prominent. When ‘agile’ first appeared in the development community, its goal was aimed precisely at being more flexible in decision making, being flexible with requirements, and designs, code,

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Agile Adoption Survey – Singapore 2015

Note: You can also find this post on my LinkedIn. I spend most of my time away from Singapore. I do try to participate in agile meetups whenever I can, but my schedule often forbids me. Nevertheless, I have a

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From Tsunami Development to Lean Agile Development

Traditional software development is affectionately called waterfall development. I believe this metaphor is inaccurate. A more accurate metaphor would be a tsunami. I guess most of you have seen a physical waterfall some point in your life. When you see

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